Alas poor Samsung, I knew him well….

Tis a sad tale…

Well – it’s taken me 38 years to admit this – but sometimes, you really should listen to your father.
Parentals have been having issues with their relatively new  Samsung tv for a while, and Father_figure called the Warranty people who told him that all he needed to do was update the firmware
 – download some files, onto a memory stick, then in to the Tv and it all works it’s merry magic – hey presto/abracadabra. etc.
Please don’t laugh at me yet…. you know electrical things and me just don’t work.
So – he was somewhat apprehensive but I convinced him this would be a relatively simple process and we downloaded dutifully the files, and followed the instructions (Execute to Follow)
 and the TV did what the instructions said it would.
Right up until we got to the point where the instructions had: “After upload, the tv will turn off and then restart after a few minutes.”
Obviously, the TV hadn’t read the same instructions.
It refused to.
It just sat there sulking, refusing to come back on.
So – after more phone calls to the Warranty people, and lots of stomping up and down (Dad), painkillers (Mother_figure’s back is trying to kill her) and considerations of running away from home (me),
we came up with some cunning plans:
  • Plan A- go to my storage unit in Mitchell and pull out my Plasma. ( Give that gainful employment other than gathering dust)
  • Plan B- go to Radio Rentals and hire a replacement. (Frugal and sensible)
  • Plan C- go to JB Hifi and purchase el Cheapo (Mmmm… close to Christmas…)   and….
  • Plan D- Hope like nine kinds of all buggery that one of the above plans work. (Fervently)
Bravely, Father_Figure and I set off on Our So Not Excellent Adventure in ever trustworthy Green Car.  Moderately distracted by the burntout remains of the factory and how close it really was to my storage unit.
Such a missed opportunity.
  • Plan A – well…… we could see my tv (Win!!) but it would be like a reverse game of Tetris to get it out (Interest Factor – Low).
  • Plan B. Radio Rentals offers some great deals (Win!) and according to their website, had what Dad wanted (Win!!) but.. they’re not open on a Sunday (<swear word>). 
Plan D was rapidly turning into “spending rest of the afternoon hiding under my doona with a bottle of vodka for comfort“.
Plan C…. Go to JB Hifi Woden. 
Find tv that is 2inches bigger than the dead one (Win!). 
And is cheaper by a factor of about 400% (Win!!).
Dad becomes slightly seduced by the 3D version (Pause… Two… Three…..) 
Buy the Non 3D tv (Damn… no vodka…..)
Take tv home.  Father_figure spent some of the happiest 2 hours of his life setting it up. and tweaking it.
The next 3 hours also featured frequent commentary on how much better the picture is than the deceased Samsung.
And I mean frequent. 
So – that was my Sunday. 

~ by SB&C on December 5, 2011.

One Response to “Alas poor Samsung, I knew him well….”

  1. inaminate objects should be routinely blown up…but then…one wld have to walk everywhere, or ride a horse. The fire looks greasy-nasty, but fabulous photo as always.

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