A Gallery of Crochet


A great many of my visitors are coming from What Not to Crochet, a site where we poke good-humoured fun at designs that are snigger worthy. We dont pick on individual’s items, as people who create blankets and prayer shawls and baby garments, do so with a great deal of love. Some things arent to my own personal taste but I respect the amount of effort, dedication and skill they have demonstrated in making those special things. Everything else though – fair game!

Another lot of my visitors are rapidly becoming friends, who I look forward to hearing from everyday, and seeing their own works and blogs progressing. I’m always ready  to talk crochet.. and horses… and mining… and sometimes, the Navy.

This page is to showcase some of my old and some of my new pieces.. a lot taken at shows as I do like to enter competitions as well as give away much of what I make.   I am more than willing to discuss anything you see here and provide help if you would like to make something similar!

Afghan at Melbourne ShowAfghan at Melbourne by bronAfghan at Freds PassElfinMelinda’s blanket


Afghans at DarwinThese are some different views of one of my favourite designs. its a very simple mesh pattern, 5 rounds of dc ch dc and then a round of hdcs. (Please note: I use American terminology) This afghan was made from 1400 metres of Lincraft Mohair, Sentiments white and Sandyk11 gold angora for the border. It’s a true Autumn red colour and it has won at three shows and placed second at the huge Melbourne Royal.

 You can see it here at Melbourne, Freds Pass and Darwin Shows. The Black Shawl in the corner is also mine.. a very simple crossed extended treble pattern with beads and tassels done in Patons Moonlight.

 This photo shows two of my afghans and another My afghans at Royal Canberraone of my shawls (the bronze article hanging on the wall) The Afghan on the Left is the same mesh pattern but done in Patons Myth (a beautiful pink and purple yarn.) It won both Canberra 2007 and Darwin 2006 and went to the lovely girl who organises Canberra Royal (she couldnt resist buying it).

The Blanket to the right was my entry in the “Sun Sand and Surf” Challenge. It’s Moda Vera Sentiments again, and is supposed to represent the waves breaking on the sand – using the blues and aquas. This afghan won (and my bag took second) and then went to my Grandmother.

Elfin These two blankets are made from Panda Elfin, wBrown Mohairhich is a limited edition mohair that I have bought a fair amount of (direct from the store and on eBay)  and heartily recommend. It’s beautifully soft and has a fantastic array of colours. Again, this is the same mesh-in-rounds pattern and very easy to produce. I think the pattern does well because it demonstrates uniformity of tension as well as three different stitches. Plus in this yarn : buttersoft, warm and very pretty.

Melinda’s blanketThis rectangular blanket was made as a special thank you to the nurse who was caring from my maternal grandmother during her last few months in the nursing home.

 For some reason, the light in my room at Darwin, was quite yellow and it makes the colours a little more plum than purple but, just the same,  I’m quite proud of it.     

 By accident, I bought two packets of 10 that were different lot numbers – I checked.. I swear      but the variations actually were a plus. The layout has its own special story… I should call this the Morris blanket, and see if the person who first spotted the pattern in the layout remembers why.

Arcadia’s edged blanket0000 Erin with ABC

TCrochet puff stitch ABC blankethe Alphabet blanket is my Favourite Big baby Blanket – it’s done in Puff Stitch and see if you can remember how to crochet ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ backwards and each letter from the reverse side. I used This pattern with a few modifications to make the border. It is a heavy blanket using over 2kms of yarn, however very well worth it, as our models                          

Erin     Erin and Sebastian Darling

will tell you.

Arcadia’s edged blanketThe creamy blanket with the edge is a blanket I made for Arcadia’s second daughter (Arcadia now has 6 of my blankets, plus a jacket I knitted.. a seventh is nearly finished.)

The peachy blanket I made in the Camp at Toothbrush Two and prayed would make it in time to Melbourne Royal 2007 did so and went on to win at Queanbeyan and Canberra.

I have made (at last count) 27 baby blankets for my friends’ and friends of friends’ babies. In my past life, at my life I used to be sent many sailors who were unfit to work anywhere else because they were medically unfit, disciplinary problems, the works. I had two girls sent to me because they were pregnant (they had other family issues as well). I made both of them blankets and they both cried when they received them as none had ever made anything for them.

Yellow Baby bunny Afghan

 This blanket went to Canberra Royal – and then to Sebastian. Its a very simple stitch – do a slip stitch and then next stitch is a hdc, all the way along, the next row you alternate, hdc in slip and vice versa. It makes the most wonderful cushiony fabric and with a simple white sparkly border, the judge was very pleased with it



Angels A thread crochet Angel angels drying freds pass angel


Thread Crochet AngelThese ladies are a great deal of fun to make, and relatively simple. Each one seems to take on a bit of a life of their own. The second one from the left was Grand  Champion Crochet exhibit at Canberra Royal this year, and she then went to live with my Grandmother.  Heather Irene Docwra Heaton passed away one Sunday evening in  July 07, having said goodnight to her youngest son.

The second one from the Right was at Fred’s Pass Show and Winner of the Christmas designs (sorry the photo is so lousy, the phone in my camera isnt brilliant). When I went to pack up my entries I had four little old ladies who were helping me. Mostly they were folding and refolding everything (shawls, blankets, baby garments etc) that I had already put into the boxes.. and then another lady would come along and take it out and refold it.. and then another lady would take it out and refold it… it was sort of funny.

But anyway.. one woman reached up to take the angel in an almost reverent freds pass angelsort of way. She wasnt very tall and very frail, and when she took the angel down (they’re quite stiff ) she held her clutched to her chest. I was moved to ask the woman if she would like to keep the angel – she nodded.. and teared up. I was told later that this woman was the sponsor of the craft section, especially the patchwork/quilting side, and had been diagnosed with bowel cancer, with a poor prognosis. I hope my angel is looking after her.

Toys Dolls BearsDigger bear has a nice faceeeyore from the disney patternCute Wipplebarbie in period costume


I have only just started making bears and Barbie clothes, much to the shock of my mother and well… most anybody who knows me.velveteen-rabbit

 The Velveteen Rabbit was made from one of Bluebeary Treasures’ patterns – you can find her on etsy; just made with an 8ply Bamboo and Mohair blend – Paton’s Soft Haze and Caressa (the white bits).


One 0f these days, I am going to have to learn to embroider…




I recently went on a MASSIVE Teddy Bear making Jag which left a most disconcerting (apparently) row of bears who were all missing a limb… or head…

This is Dancing Bear, made from an economical Woolblend for the head and shoulders, Yarn Bee’s Spiced Berry for the dress and then her legs are back to the Woolbend with a strand of black thread to give the appearance of stockings. She has a partner in a Tux, and two other Glamour Bears, and their own consorts.

These bears will be making their debuts at shows coming up in 2009, with at-canberra-showDancing Bear making her first appearance at Canberra Royal in Feb 09, winning Reserve Champion Non-Professional Item.

As a sad but glad moment I should report that my lovely Digger bear – in the green uniform, was sold at Sydney Royal 2008.


I was never into Barbie but I am enjoying making the reproduction costumes. I like the fine details and the chance to embellish my crochet with beads and other items. Bears are also something I intend making more of… And Wipples..

.Mum at Canberra Royalcanberra royal ribbons reserve championBaby Garments at MelbourneGarments at Darwin

.:* Shows *:.

Out and about at Canberra, Melbourne and Darwin Shows this year. The hat of  course is being worn by Mother_figure and the photography is courtesy of Father_figure, Rebecca McGavin of Urban Tails Photography , an old friend Bronwyn and… me…

I have continued to do “reasonably well” as Mother Figure put it at Queanbeyan.

Castle Hill 2006 – 2nd Afghan, 2nd Baby blanket, 2nd Scarf.

Canberra Royal 2006 – Champion Novice Entry :  ABC Blanket

                                    Reserve Champion Baby’s Blanket (in Panda Sparkle, my 3×1 Mesh pattern)

Sydney Royal 2006 – Highly Commended : Baby’s Blanket (and my Beige Afghan sold)

Darwin Royal 2006  – 1st Afghan, 1st Crocheted Sculpture (my very first Angel), 2nd Ornamental Toy –   Chess  set.  2nd Baby Blanket

Canberra Royal 2007 – Grand Champion Crochet Section – Angel

                                     Reserve Champion Crochet Section – Crocheted Sewing Notions Set.

                                     Champion Open Crochet : Challenge Class – Beach Afghan, 2nd Beach Bag.

                                      Champion Non-Pro : Angel (Creative class),

                                     Reserve Champion : Sewing Set (Crocheted Accessories)

                                     1st Afghan, 2nd Filet, 2nd Shawl, 2nd Baby’s Blanket

Sydney Royal 2007    2nd Shawl

Fred’s Pass 2007      1st Angel

                                 1st  Blanket

Darwin Royal 2007  1st Baby Wear

                                1st Baby’s Shawl

                                2nd child’s Top

                                1st Blanket

                                1st Dressed Doll

Queanbeyan 2007  Champion thread Crochet

                              Champion Non Wool Crochet Section

                              Overall Champion Crochet

Melbourne Royal 2007

Canberra Royal 2008 – Reserve Champion Non-Professional : Red Afghan and 6 first places

Sydney Royal 2008 – Highly Commended Wire Angel. And Digger Bear SOLD!!

 Canberra Royal 2009 – Grand Champion Crochet, Champion Special Challenge, Champion Non pro, Reserve Champion Non – Pro, 14 First places.

Tarago Agricultural Show:  Best Woollen Crochet Article, Best Cotton Crocheted Article, Best Rug or Bedspread, Best Teddy Bear, Best Felted Article, Best Jewellery made by other Techniques, Best Christmas Ornament.   Oh .. and  Grand Champion Photography and my sister Bob  was entered (stealthily by Mother_figure and I ) in the Abstract Art and won a 2nd.

Goulburn Agricultural Show:  Champion Crochet with a Lilac Baby’s Jacket, 1st Felted Item (non Wearable) 2nd Jewellery, 1st Blanket, 1 Teddy Bear, 2nd Teddy Bear.  2nd & 3rd in Photography and again – Bob was entered sneakily, and won the First for Abstract Art.

Yass Agricultural Show : First Baby’s wear, 1st Rug, 1st Felted Article, 1st Any Other Item (this was the wire Angel)  1st and 2nd in Teddy Bears.




filetfilet being blockedFilet wins Second


increases in filet

This is the Daffodils Filet Pattern that is responsible for a lot of my depression. I worked myself into a real gloom finishing this piece.. Brooding over the number of things that were wrong in my life. But I’m getting better and I have started a new piece of Filet. these piece of filet has disappeared – I believe it’s packed!


Filet for me has always been a bit of a squeamish thing. There is much about filet I don’t like : the square look of the design, working with so much thread hurts my hands and I have problems reading the charts due to my dyslexia.


I do however adore the idea of making pieces in the traditional vein of filet but wanted my own take on it.     I purchased a copy of Sandcastle design’s Crochet design software and after getting very drunk on Anzac Day 2008 and doodling on a beer coaster, I found a design I liked. This was also the pattern I chose to do for Crochetville’s Greek Games CAL.



This is it before I finished the border.  And then it went to Canberra Royal 2009….





The bodice moving ahead… Christening Gown Christening Gown 2007 gown in sepia

One morning, under the inlufence of waaaay to much chardonnay and the hangover from hell.. I decided to make a Christening Gown from Laceweight Merino. This pattern is the same as the laast two photos – made in 3ply Australian Baby Yarn from Patons called Dreamtime. Its a beautiful set… and one day.. I’ll finish the Laceweight version.

I started in two months ago and have made quite reasonable progress however the gown has nearly racked up 4000km on the road. The final tally will be quite something!

The gown with TWO sleeves Crochet - the chain rowBaby Set courtesy of Rebeccachristening Gown



36 Responses to “A Gallery of Crochet”

  1. Great gallery of items 🙂 It is nice to see beautiful crochet – and it’s nice to know your work is getting good results. I particularly like your Digger Bear, I think he would be a favourite among many Aussies.

    What is the pattern called for your Christening Gown? I’m definitely not going near it in lace-weight but 3ply I think I could handle!

    — Michelle

  2. Great gallery of items 🙂 It is nice to see beautiful crochet – and it’s nice to know your work is getting good results. I particularly like your Digger Bear, I think he would be a favourite among many Aussies.

    What is the pattern called for your Christening Gown? I’m definitely not going near it in lace-weight but 3ply I think I could handle!

    — Michelle

  3. All your work is beautiful Manda! but where are Mr. wipples ears? are they laying in a ball of yet to be opened yarn?

  4. I am stunned…OK, crochet it is for awhile. I did this in the late 60’s, but not since then. I love the baby outfits, soft and sweet and the yellow baby blanket, that is a GREAT texture. Thank you for posting these, I’ll be back with questions I am sure.

  5. Hi – and again I’ll respond to people’s comments in order!

    Thank you for your appreciation! Digger Bear has always been hugely popular! He has a couple of brothers who people have requested.
    The pattern is the Leisure Arts Christening Gowns Vol 1. To make the Laceweight gown I have altered the bodice pattern a bit (i.e. the rows of Puff stitches and the number of rows) It is VERY simple as there are no seams to join.

    Barb!!! ( I didnt forget you!!!) Thank you too for liking my work! ((((((hugs)))))))) Mr Wipple will be getting ears… sooon…. Which reminds me, I need more peppermints!

    Barbara! Please feel free to come back any time with questions!

    Thank you to everyone who has been so complimentary about my crochet – you’re making me blush out here!

  6. They’re all absolutely beautiful and part of the fascinating paradox that is you.

    And pleeeeeeese remove photo of me with hat!!!!!!!! or else find one of me with a much larger hat!!!!!!

  7. Hi Mom…
    Uh…. NO! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I dont have any pictures with bigger hats..

    The only other ones I have are you wearing a hat and then not because the very friendly Heffalump has taken it.

    So… If Dad has any other photos of you guys at Canberra Royal.. then yes.. otherwise 🙂


  8. No – we won’t put up any heffalump photos at all!

    Will take some at the QBN show and I will wear very large hat.

  9. You do such beautiful work! I love your Aussie bear! He is just the cutest thing. Keep posting all the great projects you create.


  10. Dear Crochet Friend: I adore the fuzzy afghans
    that you made, especially the FRED’S PASS square
    in autumn brown. Do you publish patterns for
    purchase? I live in Israel now but I used to have an Australian quilting penpal who lived
    near Sandstone in Western Australia on a sheep
    station. Unfortunately, we lost touch since I
    moved here. I am at the Easy+ level of crochet
    so I want things that look good but aren’t too
    complicated to make. Thanks Succah Schiffman

  11. Hello, I was wondering if you will share the pattern for the angel, she is beautiful….
    Please let me know. thanks

  12. Hi Norma,
    I’;m sorry – the Angels are actually from a Leisure Arts Pattern – 7 Elegant Angels, so I cant share them in this forum. The Pattern is definitely available on eBay !

  13. speaking of angel patterns?!!!

  14. Do you have a pattern for a crocheted ear cap for horses to keep the flies off their ears and eyes?

  15. Hello — I’ve made 4 of the puff stitch baby blankets in the past and have now lost the pattern. Going in for hip replacement surgery in a couple of weeks and would like to spend recovery time to now make some of these for the great grandchildren. Where can I get the pattern again?

  16. I’m looking for a pattern for the crocheted ear net for horses too. Any suggestions of where I could find one? I see the finished product avaialble all over the place, so SOMEONE must have the pattern!

  17. I too am looking for a pattern for the crocheted ear nets for horses. Any ideas.

  18. And I’m the 3rd one looking for a pattern for crocheted ear nets for my horse.. 🙂

  19. Fajna stronka, dodalem ja sobie do ulubionych, bede tu zagladal czesciej, pozdrawiam

  20. Do you have a pattern for your Eeyore? He’s lovely.

  21. For the people looking for crocheted ear nets for horses – they are on my “to – do” list.

    I will publish a pattern shortly!


  22. i love ur eeyore croceht…is there any chance i can get my hands on that?? i really mean it..thanks..

  23. I would so love to get that pattern for EEyore. Did you purchase it or is it your own. If you purchased it may I have the place so I can get it? If it is your own I would love to buy a pattern or whatever it takes to get it, lol. I appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you.

  24. I am trying to find out to crochet the puff stitch. I am trying to crochet the ABC blanket for my new great nephew. I am not as advance as you are. Your work is lovely, by the way. How do I crochet the puff stitch or is there a website you know of that will teach me. Also any advice before I embark on this blanket? Thank you in advance.

  25. Hi, What a fantastic site!! just love the filet crochet designs. Also thanks for taking the time with talking to me today about entering my work in the upcoming show and also trying various types of crocheting.

    I will be in contact again.


  26. Hello! I’ve been looking for my alphabet baby blanket pattern since I moved last year November! I see you used the exact same one I had! Do you have the pattern still or know where I can download it from? I really love that pattern. Thank you if you can help me out.

  27. I am looking for the alphabet blanket pattern and cannot find it anywhere!! Can you help me?

  28. You have found your calling. When you gave those pregnant girls a baby blanket you showed them that you care. You blessed them. God will bless you and you blessed me just by reading about them. thank you for caring.

  29. […] everything gets finished, and we carry off our share of the accolades.  This year, I have slightly fewer entries but have tried some new techniques and items.  Like […]

  30. I have found your website quite by accident while looking for a special wedding afghan pattern and thoroughly enjoyed looking at your work and reading the comments. Thank you, it has been a pleasure.

  31. You seem like such a wonderful person. It takes such an individual to take in all the people that have and help them change their lives and your crochet work is beautiful just like you. Keep up the good work. The world needs more people like you.

  32. I too love the abc’s baby blanket. I make it for all of my friends when they find out that they are pregnant.
    I just found out the I am pregnant for the 1st time & am so excited to make & Keep this blanket for Myself!!!
    I, of course, want mine to be perfect and since I’ve never been thrilled with how the original pattern suggests finishing it, I’m curious if you would share your modifications with me?
    Ciao for now…
    ~breanna 🙂

  33. You made the statement about you using American terminology, which is what I know also, but do you know where I can find the European or English or whatever it is called? I have a friend who is in the middle of a sweater in that terminology. She cannot figure out a sleeve and has attempted to find directions but cannot. I am helping her search. If you could direct us we would be much appreciative.

  34. Hi Amanda,
    Congratulations on your 1st Places at the Canberra show.

  35. how can I get the alphabet baby blanket thank you

  36. How do i get the pattern for the baby abc afghan

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