Why Safety Boots and Crochet?

Its perfectly simple – this is a blog about the two things that dominate my life.

Boots  Safety (boots). I started out as the Safety Manager for a Mining Contractor in a fairly remote section of the Northern Territory. Not as remote as some sites, but if you’ve never seen the NT, you might think its remote once you leave the Airport.  This isnt what I started my adult life doing, we’ll get round to that eventually, and that may explain why I am one of those people who know that Terry Pratchett is right : it is a case of Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold….

As for being small and female in a Mining Camp,  we’ll take a quote from Stevie Nicks : Sometimes, its a bitch, Sometimes – its a breeze.

I’ve moved locations and sites and minerals a couple of times since I started the Blog – and boy, we’ve all learned some lessons. Never believe someone who promises strawberries should be up there too.

A thread crochet Angel   Crochet. I learnt to crochet about three years ago now. I’ve entered pieces in shows and not done too badly. I give much of my stuff away, and like most fibre arts people, I have a Stash that exceeds the boundaries of good sense. Sometimes, It exceeds the boundaries of It’s room (a rented storage shed), my current mining house and the places I call “home” – usually referred to as a “Toothbrush”. But you’ll hear about that as we go along as well.

If you ever wonder why I dont mention much else in my life, its because there isnt much else. I get up at 0430, I work at least a 12 hour day in on a Construction or Mining Site, I try to study occasionally but that is beginning to get away from me. And the occaisional forays I’ve made into trying to have another kind of life have been so spectacularly bad… you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Some people may notice the evolution of my Photography skills – helped by the acquisition of Jorge (a Nikon D80) and we’re getting there slowly….

I do answer emails, and would love to hear from more people so drop me a line on frogrockr ( a t ) bigpond . com  (the spaces are there to stop spam – clickable links get too much for words! Just remove the spaces….). If I have a working connection I will answer you, but the internet’s not always reliable out here so it may take a day or two!!  

Hope you come back soon – there’s always something happening – between the huge CATs and the crochet hooks!

And now, in August 2008, the scenery has changed somewhat. I moved home and took up a new job, working for the Government ( at least with this job I can honestly say “I’m from the Government, I’m here to help!”)

Whilst I don’t wear Safety Boots for work, they are still very much needed on Plan Woolly Version B.

I don’t talk about my job (due to some Governmental/Privacy issues) but you will be hearing a lot more about Horses, Alpacas, sheep and Earthmoving on a smaller but more personal scale.

Plan Woolly Version B was about half an hour from Toothbrush C (My parents house in Canberra) and is 200 acres of Australian bush. Involving a lot of rocks.    We now have a Plan Woolly Version C beginning to gel, however there are other factors to consider at present.


17 Responses to “Why Safety Boots and Crochet?”

  1. Armidale Spotlight count = 0
    Would you like me to source your crochet supplies from Bondi Junction instead?

  2. YES PLEASE!!!!!

    See – my sister is enabling my crochet habit!

  3. Hi!! My story is opposite of yours, I’ve been crocheting for years and now I am going to school to be a Safety Consultant in the US …

    My husband is already OSHT certified as is working on his Master’s Degree.

    Love your blog!! It’s great!

  4. Hey Jess!
    Nice to meet another Safety Boot wearing Crochetier!!

    Really thrilled to know you like the blog – come back any time!!

  5. I’m in a similar boat, but i’m a safety boot wearing knitter 🙂 I’m out in a remote part of WA.. hopefully making some small steps on the mining industry one female at a time 😉

  6. Your angels are BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been crocheting since I was 8 yrs old– for almost 40 years. I make a lot of angels for Christmas following patterns. But have never attempted to make a pattern up until I saw your angel above. I hope you continue to enjoy crocheting – it’s my passion & my tension release at the end of each day.
    [:-)~~~ Happy Crochet’!

  7. Spent an entire day reading your past entries. I guess it was a form of therapy you might say. We recently lost our pet pug of 15 years and it has been very painful. I instinctively picked up my hooks and yarn. While looking for sites I came across yours and was enchanted. Your photos are gorgoeous (even dh agrees!), your projects are beautiful and your work rocks! I look forward to your entries. Many Thanks

  8. Nice to read about another female in the safety world! My “rav” name is YarnSafety! I was an OSHA IH & now work in a large university doing chemical safety. Mostly training & inspections. Its much more fun being the inspector than the inspectee! But I know I can get home everyday to meet the school bus. Us safety geeks must stick together with our yarn to bind us! If you want to read some funny safety vs. crafty = check out the “anticraft” (I think) book – its got a very funny page on what to do if you run amok with scissors or a hot glue gun.

  9. Hi that is what I love about the big wolly world there! I came across your blog while researching free pattern for my Crochet Class, in Penzance, Cornwall UK! i am German and moved nearly 12 years ago to the Uk.
    do you knit as well? I wonder which technique is uses the english or the Continental?
    I am also on ravelry.com under Ianna.

  10. I will be keeping up with your fascinating blog in future.
    Keep the (crochet) faith!

  11. Hi and its good to meet someone else who was in safety -Aeronautical Engineering for 2 yrs. then after a disaster I couldn’t foresee on someone elses watch, much happened and I had a nervous breakdown. Finally returning to college for my delayed degree, began teaching which was fine for first few years, then gov’t. stepped in and tried to regulate teaching (imagine an elephant trying to teach how to read) so after a while I retired, husband and I (with no prior knowledge) built a mountain cabin – 3 story A-Frame, wore out two prs. boots slogging in the mud!! and snow. Finished cabin somewhat-ran out of money, but with frostbite in hands and feet, put away my boots for shoes and retook up crochet and knitting (real beginner in knitting) and too, have a small stash (outrunning my portion of cabin. MOre if you are interested. Shirley – good to see you are on ravelry too.

  12. Love your blog I am a newly married mother looking to get back to crocheting. My mother started me off when I was in third grade. I would love the pattern for the beautiful angel if you are willing to share.

  13. Well hello, my name is Gay Nell–I also wear safety boots, and a hardhat doing my job as a Hydro Dam Operator. I love to read about so many inspiring women in male dominated fields. I crochet when I can (12 hour shifts), and hopefully will be launching a new business (sewing) come the New Year. Your baby afghan patterns are beautiful.

  14. i would love to have a copy of your angel pattern, i collect angels, have collected them for over 20 yrs, and a few years ago i learned to crochet with the thread and would love to make angels, thanks donna

  15. Where can I get the pattern for this angel?

  16. Lol…I’m just reading about everything and I love it. Looking forward to more blogs and such. Take care. 🙂

  17. Hi.
    Would you please share the angel pattern with me.
    Kind regards

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