Amanda’s Baby Avatarghan

Amanda’s Baby Avatar Ghan

This pattern came about because I needed a quick and easy baby gift.  I can vouch for it taking 8 hours to make!  My avatar afghan pattern seemed easy to co-opt!

This pattern is copyright to me : you may make items from this pattern but not for sale (i.e. etsy) and you may not replicate this pattern in text form without my approval.

 I have used Bella Baby’s Layette in the lilac and the ivory. This is a bamboo blend and utterly delicious to work with – right up until you have to change to a new ball. Then it’s tedious.

I made a second Baby Avatar Afghan for my former housemate (from the house of the Labrademons) – but as I had a little more time, I changed the border – I have noted this down, so please consider the pattern Amanda’s Baby Avatar Afghan Luxe.


The pattern is worked in two stages, the body, and then the border.  The body section works up very quickly and then the border takes a little time to get used to, then you can rip along.  The pattern also can be easily adjusted to the size that you want and to the yarn you’re using.

Yarn choice.

I used Bella Baby in their Bamboo and Merino blend, with a 3.75mm hook.  This pattern will work with any fingering weight to DK weight yarn – just adjust the number of repeats of the shells to get the size baby ghan you’re looking for.

With 17 shells across by 24 repeats of the two rows, plus the border I had a blanket 90 x 110cm.

This pattern is worked in in repeats of 6, plus 1 to start and 3 as a turning chain.

My babyghan was done : as 17 x 6 = 102, + 1 + 3 = 106.

This pattern is also self adjusting in the border – I wil explain shortly.


Despite being Australian I always use US terminology.

I will use:

CH – Chain

SC – single crochet

BLO – Back loop only

HDC – half double crochet

DC – Double crochet

FPDC – Front post double crochet (if you dont know this stitch, see here for a pictorial demonstration.

Afghan Body

To start at the body of the afghan, worked in rows,

with yarn, appropriate hook and chocolate at the ready!

Row 1.  chain 106.  In the 7th chain from the hook, make shell (two dcs, ch2, 2 dcs), skip 2 chaiins, 1 dc in next chain. *skip 2 chains,  shell in next chain, skip 2 chains, dc in next*. Repeat from * to * all the way along finishing on a dc in the last ch,  this constitutes the “Shell row”.

Row 2.   Chain 5, turn (this is now the WRONG side) single crochet into the top of the shell. Ch 2 and skipping remainder of shell, make a double crochet into the next dc (that is by itself).  * chain 2, sc into top of the next shell, chain 2, skip rest of shell, dc into next dc* – repeat from *to * all the way along.

Continue with these two rows until the afghan is the size you’re looking for – I went for 24 repeats.

Do not finish off at the end – we’re at the border!


I did my border in a contrasting colour to give it some drama, the but the afghan works if you do it all in the same colour.  Don’t finish off the main could until the second round of the border however

The border is now worked in rounds.  

Round 1  Turn to the right side, and single crochet all the way around, spacing stitches evenly along the vertical sides (i.e. the sideof the shells), in each corner, make 3 sc’s to shape it nicely. Finish with Slip stitch into the first SC, and finish off yarn.

 Round 2.

With new colour, SC in every sc around, making 3 sc in the centre of the previous 3 sc grouping to keep your corners nice and square, join with slip stitch into first sc made.

Round 3.

 Chain 2, HDC in the Back Loops Only of every SC around, making 3 HDCS in the centre sc of the corner, join with slip stitch into first HDC made.

Round 4.

This is where some adjustments can be made to allow for the size of your afghan.

Chain 2 – this equates to a HDC – you will be alternating HDCs and FPDC all the way around.  This is where you can adjust to the size of your afghan.   When you reach a corner – in the centre hdc of your 3 HDCs in the same stitch of the previous row, continue with the HDC/FPDC/HDC repeat – as long as you have three stitches as your corner, this will work!!  Finish with slip stitch into top of starting chain.

(eat chocolate – it’ll help!)

Round 4.

Chain 2, FPDC around the next FPDC, HDC into next HDc, repeat all the way round, not forgetting the corners. slip stitch into top of starting chain to finish.

Continue the border rounds ( I did 7)  until your baby afghan is the size you are looking for, finish off and SMILE!

As always, please dont forget to send me a picture of your finished babyghans – I love posting them! 

And the baby blanket being unpacked:

 No prizes for guessing who this was made for.

Debra (in the grey top) also knitted Linda a lovely little Kimono jacket and matching beanie.

Update: Linda gave birth to the adorable Jasmine Isabella 2 June 2010, Jasmine was a healthy 6lbs 12, everyone doing very, very well.


29 Responses to “Amanda’s Baby Avatarghan”

  1. […] pattern for the Baby Avatarghan has been bashed out – it is VERY simple and VERY QUICK – I did this in 8 […]

  2. Can’t wait to try this. Starting today.

  3. wunderschöne decke. werde es versuchen. alles liebe ute

  4. I would like to have permission to print these intructions for my use only as I’m just getting back into crochet and I love this pattern which I would like to make as a present for a colleague at work who is expecting her first baby.

  5. love this

  6. I make baby blankets for charity giving. This looks like it will be fast and easy. Thanks for your patterns.

  7. I started this yesterday and I’m already almost done with the body, I can’t wait to start on the border and finish. It is already so cute!! I will make sure to send you a picture when I’m done! Thanks so much for this pattern :]

  8. I love the lacy design and solid edging! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful pattern.

  9. Beautiful. I can’t wait to try it.

  10. Hey there…. I have wanted to make this afghan for a while now, but I do not understand the fact that there are two rows (one starting by going into the foundation chain, and the other into the first row) but it says to repeat these two rows. If you could email me, my email is and I would really appreciate it b/c I’m trying to make if for a local Charity that gives Baby Afghans to babies and Expecting Mothers in the Hospital. Thanks and God Bless. -Carmine

  11. Hello! I have 3 friends who are all pregnant with baby boys at the same time! It has been a few years since I have crocheted anything, but your pattern is so beaustiful I figured I would try it. I have made it as far as the completion of row 2 for the body but I cannot figure out how to transition back to row the 1 directions, which would be my row number 3 total. If you could e-mail me some directions on how many chains to turn with and how to start the third row, I would be very greatful. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Brittney, thrilled to hear you like the pattern!

      The start of the third row is Chain 3, which makes the first upright DC. then skip to the sc which is in the middle of the Chain 2 of the shell below. You make your 2Dc,ch2 2DC shell into that sc. Then a Dc into the next single DC below.


  12. I love this pattern. It’s exactly what I was looking for-for a baby gift that I need to start(and have finished) soon. Wonderful job and thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  13. Love this pattern!! Thank you so much. I was very excited to try this! My first little niece or nephew is due in 5 months and I was looking for a blanket to make. This is the first project I’ve ever completed and it came out beautiful!!!! AND I actually completed it before the baby was born! Thanks again for sharing this pattern! I know I will use it again and again 🙂

  14. Here is a link to a picture of it!
    Thanks again!!

  15. Ive done quite a few rounds of the border, but now it seems to be curling like crazy at the corners! Help! too tight of stitches? Missing stitches? I have no idea! Its looking like i’ll have to pull it all out and start the border over, ugh!

  16. How much yarn did you buy of each color?

  17. I love this stitch so much I have not only completed a baby blanket using it(diffrent edging I hate to admit), but I’m also working on two twin size blankets using a super chunky yarn. I’ll upload pics of the baby blanket and post the link to them if you wish, as well as the twin size as they are completed. A future project for me is also a king size blanket in this wonderful stitch!

  18. Hi
    I am a starter and I am trying to make this blanke. If you could please email me I would really appreciate it. I have few questions about he pattern

  19. This pattern looks great. I would like to print it for my use only as I will need to refer to it as I go. I have been diagnosis with ovarian cancer and in chemo treatments now. I may have to put this down and pick it up again. I am older and very slow, but I have made some for family. I have a great-granddaughter due in December 2011. I will make her one before she is born. Thanks for considering letting me have a copy

  20. Enjoying your site again, I can almost see you globe-trotting with your luggage in one hand and curent crochet project in the other. It reminds me of traveling by car cross-country, always with a crochet afghan in progress. Congrats on the craft ‘wins, placings, or show-ings’.

    Missing a couple of golden retrievers, myself – Teddybear, then Bear, my third ‘baby’ is a real Prince (Charmer) so I can relate.

    Please don’t talk down of less experienced photographers, we with only basic equipment or skills. It’s an expensive hobby here. With U.S. $billions going overseas faster than it’s coming in more of our people are struggling for basics like jobs, food and housing every day. Heck, general stores – “big box stores like Walmart -have cut back or gone out. Going with them, yarn/crafts into $pecialty $hops noone can afford. Maybein time they wiill listen to customers…

    • Hi – thanks for reading! I think you misunderstood my remark about photographers. The point I was trying to make is that i see too frequently people who buy a DSLR and then with only a month’s experience try to set themselves up as a professional photographer, thinking they can make a living from weddings and the like.

  21. Sorry for any misunderstanding, that’s certainly true, first-timers setting themselves up as pros must hurt the real businesses, who may charge more for quality work, etc. Many a ‘store-front ‘ or home-based business has gone under for that reason. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures and new crochet projects to try.

  22. What a pretty blanket. I would like permission to print your pattern for my personal use only. I am looking for quick-to-make and pretty patterns for grandbabies due this Spring. Thank you

  23. Wanting permission to print this pattern out for new babys blanket as I do not have a computer available when I am crocheting!

  24. I would like to make this baby blanket 4 a friend in Australia (I am a beginning crocheter in USA) & would like instructions on how to make the border shown in the top pic – the baby avatarghan that is all cream colored with a very pretty border?

  25. awesome – been searching for something a little more delicate and all the usa sites seem to be showing chunky stuff – we’re in florida and it’s still 90+degrees! thanks so much! can’t wait to give it a go. karenb/fredw

  26. Thank you for an easy pattern that you don’t have to count stitches on. This was so fast and easy, I’ve made it twice so far for quick gifts!

  27. I was looking for a baby afghan to make when I found this one. I am still a beginner as I have not learned to increase and decrease stitches and thought I could do this afghan. I understand the instructions very well and wold like to get your permission to print me a copy of the instructions. Most of the time I am away from the computer when I am crocheting and know I will not remember all the instructions. I do not have anything that I can carry with me that would have Internet, so please let me print one copy for myself.

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