Amanda’s Simplest Scarf

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This is a good , simple scarf pattern that I made up in about 4 hours ( 2 West Wing episodes and Fahrenheit 911) and had the effect of reducing my stash by 4 and a bit balls.      Like all of my patterns, you can make it in any yarn but I chose to use Yarn Bee’s Redwood  (A chenille and glittery mix)  and a little of an Ultra Soft (Kris is going to splutter here) Acrylic in Beige by Carnival.

This is possibly the best scarf pattern for an complete newbie, who wants to make their first item as well as being quick to make up for the more advanced crocheter on a deadline!  

 Please note that my instructions are in American terminology.   This pattern is copyright to me, and if you do wish to reprint the pattern somewhere, please email me first. You are more than welcome to make items to sell from this pattern but please, if you do, consider a donation to the local Guide Dog charity and of course, send me photos of your work!!! 

The stitches you will use are:

Ch – chains in multiples of 5 and 7.

SC – Single Crochet

HDC –  A half double crochet

DC – Double Crochet

Picot – a chain 3 loop.

I used 340m of the Rosewood and about 100m of the Acrylic.  Any Size 3 or – 4 (worsted weight to slighlty bulky) yarn will work to the same dimensions.

Choose a hook to suit your yarn, here I went for a G size in wood from Graydog (on eBay).

You will also need a DVD case, scissors and the snacks of your own preference.

The scarf is worked in 3 segments:

The Body,

The Border and

The Fringe.

The starting chain is worked in repeats of 4, so when chaining to the required length, you want it to be divisible by 4, plus five as your turning chain.

I like my scarves LONG so mine was 240, plus the 5.

In the 9th chain from the hook, single crochet. Chain 5, skip 3 stitches , single crochet into the next stitch, then you chain 5, skip 3 stitches, single crochet into the next all the way to the end.

Chain five, Turn, single crochet into the 3rd chain of the loop. Chain five and single crochet into the 3rd chain of the loop below all the way along to the last loop, where you chain 3 and Double crochet into the 3rd chain of the last loop.

Chain 5 repeat.

Now – for my scarf, I did three rows with the Redwood and then changed to the Beige 8ply for two. When working with the different sized yarn, I did a chain 7 with the 8ply to match the rosewood. If you do use different sized yarns please be aware of the different tensions you’ll get.  I then returned to the Redwood for the last three and the final row which is worked: Chain three, single crochet in the 3rd chain of the loop below, all the way along.

That’s the body finished.

Next is the border. The trick is to work Half-Double crochets all the way around, with 3 in each corner to “square” the scarf off. Evenly space your HDCs, usually 3 per chain and one into the other side of the SC.

Go all the way around.

And then – don’t finish off.

Along the short edge, in the middle stitch of the Corner, work a 3 chain picot.

Slipstitch in the next 3 stitchs, picot. continue all the way along, finishing with a picot in the middle of the 3stitch corner.

Finish off. And reattach yarn at the opposite end and repeat across the short side.

These picots will form the basis for your fringe.

Grab a DVD case, and win your yarn around it lengthwise, until you have enough for 5 strands per picot (15 picots x 5 75 strands x 2 – each end – comes to 150 strands.

Cut one end so you have your fringe strands.

Loop and knot five strands through each picot.

For a different look, you can split the strands into two bunches and knot them together about  3cm below the picot row.

Trim the edges of the fringe so they are level and then – you’re done.

Very Simple!

I am always willing to post photos of other peoples’ work, so ifyou make a Simple scarf, please send me a shot!


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