Amanda’s Single Sock Skein Scarf

Handpainted sock yarns by the skein – they are simply  yummy, but finding a pattern (especially for crocheters) that uses that one precious skein is trickisome. 

 Knitters have it good – crocheters tend to use far more yarn and so many handpainted skeins are one-of-a-kinds and there’s a price tag issue that has to be considered as well. 

   Making scarves is a rewarding quick project for someone who needs to chew through her yarn stash and or needs a quick gift!

 As always – this pattern is copyright to me. You may make a scarf from it as a gift, or for yourself, but you may NOT reproduce this pattern elsewhere (either in print or e-format) without my express permission, nor make scarves to sell.  As always – if you do make a scarf, please send me a picture as I love to post photos.  Drop me a hi as well in the comments to let me know what you’re making.

This pattern is available as a .PDF  Amandas Single Sock Skein Scarf


This scarf is designed to be made from a single skein of sock yarn or you can use 300 metres of worsted weight.  As you’re looking for drape in this scarf, I would recommend a 3mm or 3.5mm depending on the sock yarn itself, or a 4 -4.5 for worsted.

This scarf pattern also works in mohair and bamboo blends, it is forgiving on patterns and pooling, but to get the best out of the stitch definition I would not recommend a boucle or tufted yarn.  And – if you make this in fun fur, I shall spend a lot of time hoping that a hippotamus with worms wipes it’s buttocks on your carpets.


This is a relatively basic scarf – and despite the fact I am Australian, I use American terminology.  The stitches you will need to know are:

Ch – chain

SLST – Slipstitch

SC – Single Crochet

HDC – Half double crochet

DC – Double Crochet


This scarf is worked in multiples of 13, plus 12.   I made a scarf of 36 medallions and had about 20 m of yarn left.

With 100gms of Sock yarn, Chain 480, skip two chains, then hdc in every stitch along (this may be the most boring crochet you ever do).  This gives you the central strip which you will now work around.


To further explain the stitch arrangement, please see my hand drawn schematic – just remember that each round goes all the way around!

Round One:  Chain 5,  rotate the strip 90 degrees and slip stitch into the bottom of the HDC (so you’re working in the unused portion of the base chain).   *Chain 5, skip 3 stitches, sc in next, chain 1, skip one stitch, sc in the next, (chain 5, skip 3, slip stitch in next twice)* all the way along the strip, around the end and back up the other side.   On final chain 5 – substitute a Chain 2 and then make a dc into the base of the first Chain 5.

Round Two: Working in chain 5 loop at the end of the strip – make 13 DCs, *SC into next chain 5 loop, chain 3, make 3 DCs into the ch1 space between the SCs, chain 3, sc into next chain 5 loop, 9 DCs into the next* repeat from *.* all the way along, making 13 dcs into the chain 5 loop at the far end of the strip and then continuing the *.* pattern along the other side, substituting the final chain 3 with a DC into the top of the first of the 13 DCs.

Round Three: Into each DC of the 13, Dc, Ch1, sc into each of the 3 Dcs, chain 1, dc, ch 1 into each of the 9 DCs, repeat all the way around, subtituting final chain with an sc.

Round Four:  Into the first 6 of the DC’s, DC- Chain 1, in the 7th, DC-Chain1-DC-Chain1, then continue DC-Chain 1 in the remaining 6 DCs, SC in centre of the 3 SCs, continue DC-chain 1 for the first 4 of the 9 DCs, in the 5th: DC-Chain 1-DC – Chain 1 and then continue with DC-chain 1 for the 6th-9th dcs, sc in centre of 3 SCs.  continue all the way around the length of the scarf.

Round Five:  This is it! Chain  4. slip stitch in dc, chain 4, slip stitch – continue this all the way around and finish off!

Weave in all your ends, consume the last piece of chocolate, wrap your new scarf around your neck and take pictures!!


8 Responses to “Amanda’s Single Sock Skein Scarf”

  1. […] have caught up on a few patterns and have published my Single Sock Skein Scarf pattern and there’s a .pdf for those who prefer being able to print out the […]

  2. I have the perfect yarn for this scarf! One skein of an alpaca-blend in cream and pink and green.
    I wanted to ask about round 1. You start with chain 5, skip 3, then single crochet. Then in the parentheses you say chain 5, skip 3, then slip stitch. Do you still mean single crochet there?
    I am eager to get started. (I can go ahead and start my chain and half-doubles while I am waiting to hear back!)
    Thanks for the beautiful pattern,

    • Hi Kathleen,

      when you’re making the three chain 5 loops, you make a slip stitch for the first two loops, and an SC on the last one.

      I’m about to post a graphic to show you!


  3. Thank you so much for the symbols. Now I totally get it! I will send pics when my scarf is done. Love it!!

  4. I love this scarf and have started it. However, I’ve got a question about Round One. On the first side of the round, should it end with sc ch1 sc ch5 ss? I have 478 hdc’s and have worked the first side twice now. But the first side keeps ending with sc ch1 sc ch5 ss ch5 ss. Ending the side this way doesn’t seem to match the schematic. Do I need to adjust the base chain and hdc’s? Thanks.

  5. Thank you for your ideas…I am new to this sight and love it…I make many gift for my friend and family….I have 15 grandkids that keep me very busy. With being widowed and disabled crochet keeps me busy and goves me a feeling that I a useful…I have many ideas however boarders are my place of difficulty. My ideas seem boaring. I just finished a diaperbag my daughter inspired me with. I don’t know how to load a picture here
    Id like to let you see it possibly give me feedback or pointers on it. TY Robin

  6. Hi Amanda,
    I am in the process of making this scarf. But after I got most of the way through round one, I found that it is going to be too long for my taste. So I stopped, and am going to figure out how many medalians I need to make. I am not clear regarding the multiples of 13 and then 12. Is that how many half double crochets long each medalian is? So if I want to make it shorter I would count back and remove groups of 13 hdc (and the chains they are crocheted into) until it’s the length I want? If you see this, please let me know, soon. I don’t want to remove too many — or too few stitches. 🙂

  7. Well, I finally got it done, after a couple of glitches and many interruptions. I removed the equivalent of 6 of the medallions, in length, and it is still very long (80 inches). (It turns out that my sock skein was heavier in weight than it was supposed to be.). The scarf is beautiful, and I love it!

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