The Avatar Afghan


A number of people asked about the Afghan in my avatar.

profilepic7956_1.gif Yes, its mine and its an easy pattern so.. here it is!

Avatar Afghan

A simple afghan

This pattern is copyrighted, so please feel free to use it, but not to repeat the pattern elsewhere. If you do make up your own afghan, please send me a picture! If you would like to link to it, please drop me a line.


If you sell an afghan made from this pattern – I would ask you to donate a little bit of $ to your local Salvation Army or Guide dog Association.Despite the fact I am Australian, I have used American terminology (I think it’s more logically named). I have used grams and milli’m’s and centi’m’s because thats what I’m more familiar with. Sorry if anyone’s confused. Have some chocolate, it may help.

Some of Amanda’s tips.

Make up a swatch – It’s not that bad, we’re not worried about gauge, but I’d like you to be prepared for these stitches if you haven’t used them before. Besides – it’ll use up some of those bits of scrap yarn you’ve stashed away but can’t bear to get rid of.I also use a size larger hook when doing my foundation chain, which makes everything more even at the end. When you turn the work at the end of a row, try to turn it in the same direction each time as it makes for a neater edge. – The chain that you use to make the “starting dc” then will be straight.

Stitches Used in this pattern

Ok – this Afghan does involve a number of different stitches but its why its a good FIRST afghan because you get to practise!

Ch – Chain – the good old fashioned chain.

SS – Slip Stitch.

SC – Single Crochet

DC – Double Crochet

HDC – Half Double Crochet

BLFLBS – Back Loop , Front Loop Bobble Stitch . I do not know if there is an official name for this stitch but it works like this: Into the Back Loop of the stitch make a single crochet, but only pull through once so you have two loops on the hook. Then make a single crochet on the front loop of the SAME stitch, only pulling through once so you now have three loops on the hook. Yarn Over and Pull through all the loops at once.

Shell stitch – Into one stitch, two DCs, Chain 2, and then two more DCs.

Puff Stitch – This is a tricksy one. Yarn over, insert hook into the stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and repeat until you have 9 loops on the hook. Yarn over, and pull through 8 loops, leaving the last one on the hook, yarn over and pull through the last stitch. Sometimes the puffs need a bit of “plumping’ to make sure they’re sitting nice and level on the right side. Puffs are made bigger or smaller by the number of loops you make.

Are you ready?

What yarn do I need?

I used 8ply Acrylic – a 1kg ball which was about 1200m and a 5mm hook this made an afghan 112cm by 145cm. Plus tassels.

This was from my father’s mother’s stash, which is one of the reasons I like this blanket.If you want to use different colours for the rows, or borders that would work fine. Use whatever size hook the yarn recommends and/or whatever hook feels best to you.

You will also need a DVD case to make your tassels (long tassels go vertically, short tassels horizontally – they’re the perfect size) and now make sure you have your crochet accompaniment of choice : for me its usually Apple and Guava juice splashed with Absolut and a bag of peppermints but you may substitute your own preferences.

The Body

This pattern is worked over multiples of 5 + 1 + 3. To make my afghan I used a width of 23 shells which was a starting chain of 119. The First 4 chains count as a Double Crochet.

You may think I have that Wrong but I have found with this pattern, having that extra chain in the corner makes life a little easier and the afghan a little squarer.

So In the SIXTH chain from the Hook, work a shell. Skip two chains, Work a DC, *Skip 2, work Shell, Skip 2 chains, work a DC.* Repeat from * across to the end, finishing on a DC.Turn, Chain Four, (yep, thats right – Four) and * chain 2, SC into the Ch 2 space of the shell. Ch 2, DC into the DC*, repeat from * to * until the end.

It should now look like thisdetail (ok – without the border!!! Look at the shells)

Now repeat these two rows until the Afghan is the length you want.

The Border

Spacing along edges can be a tricky thing.
First of all TURN – so you are working on the wrong side. Puff stitches naturally fall to the RIGHT so you want them to come to the FRONT of your work.

This is worked in rows, all the way around the body. The first row is the puff stitch round. Alternating puffs and SC all the way round.When you get to the corner, make a SC shell in the corner loop of the Chain four or last DC. For the corners.
TURN so we’re now working with the good side facing you. Next Round HDCS all the way round – again make an HDC shall in the chain two space of the previous shell in each corner.

Next round alternating HDCs and BLFLBS – with a HDC shell in each corner.

Next Round HDCs (and again – HDC shells in the corners)

Last Round: TURN (back to the Dark Side) and its our Alternating Puffs and SCs (sc Shell in the corners.)

Finish off, weave in your ends.

BTW the Evil Frog God will come and get you if you use knots!!

Add your tassels in the usual way or you could try a four strand fringe along the short ends.… And hey presto.

If you find any issues – PLEASE let me know.

Otherwise enjoy!!!

Cream Afghan


p.s. please say hi!

And an update for 2008….

October last year – something happened. I posted the Avatar Afghan Pattern and in one night, over 800 people came to visit. Some of you come back regularly which I do appreciate. My life has it’s amusing, and decidedly less so, moments and I find it easier to deal with them if I can share my thoughts.

It was quite a moment however, when Someone told me they were making MY afghan.

What did that mean? Someone trusted me enough to use their yarn to follow my directions.


I wonder if this is like giving birth? Will it like me???

But let me show you Elaine’s Afghan : (you can visit her blog to hear about her experience making it)



Elaine’s Avatar Afghan




Isn’t beautiful???

And now I have Kris’s Avatar Afghan to show you – in a blue…

Kris’s Avatar Afghan

Kris, you may now have the floor  to brag!

So – If you make an Avatar Afghan, please drop me a photo – I’ll add you on here!melissas avatar ghan

Melissa sent me a note : she made an Avatarghan for her Mother as a Mother’s day present!





And another note :aa-version-4

 My Avatar Afghan in Greens, which is the Fourth version of the Avatar I’ve made, was made in Panda’s Lily – a Mohair /Alpaca blend that had an interesting varigation between gray, brown and green.

This afghan was entered at Canberra Royal 2009 – wining a 3rd in a very strong class, 1st at Tarago Show and 1st at Yass  (again very big regional agricultural shows).

Finally, at Sydney Royal 2009, it sold !


68 Responses to “The Avatar Afghan”

  1. Love your afghan so nice of you to share your pattern…thanks!

  2. thanks for the pattern manda but i do have one question? you used WHAT???????? lol

    have a great day!!!!!(well tomorrow since your day is ending now!)

  3. Hi Everyone!!
    Kris is making fun of me for using Acrylic since I normally HATE BAD YARN.

    I know there’s been a large number of people through from Crochet Pattern Central so please dont forget to say Hi!
    And also Check out the Gallery of Crochet – The ABC afghan is made from the ABC baby afghan pattern on CPC – try it!!! Its worth it!!!

  4. I didn’t spot this pattern before, it looks great 🙂 (even if I think those puff stitches would send me ’round the twist).

    Considering how bad I am even with coffee, can you imagine the mess I’d end up in if I attempted to crochet with vodka thrown into the mix?

    — Michelle

  5. i am still trying to get over the fact that YOU used acrylic!!!!!!


    ps….is mother figure ok?

  6. It happens occasionally.

    It has to be VERY good acrylic…

    Motherfigure isnt 100% – she’s taking a rest for a couple of days and working at home today.

    She sends back a hello to you!

  7. Hi have been looking for a crocheted afghan pattern for ages. I think this might be the one! Thanks for sharing

  8. Well, if I can do a Christening gown with a 43 inch long skirt perhaps I will give your afghan a try someday. lol

    I don’t like Red Heart for anything wearable but Simply Soft and the baby yarns (yep, even Red Heart although I mostly use Bernat for layettes)can be quite nice too!

    At least I don’t have any complaints from the babies so far. lol

  9. Ack, forgot to add I have been wondering about your mother as well! I hope she feels better soon and is back to be-deviling her daughter through her blog.

  10. […] Avatar Afghan – I’m not certain whether that would look as good in every color as it does in white or ecru, but it’s a basic lacy throw with an interesting edging; the designer says it’s easy to manufacture and will teach you a few stitches. […]

  11. […] Avatar Afghan – I’m not certain whether that would look as good in every color as it does in white or ecru, but it’s a basic lacy throw with an interesting edging; the designer says it’s easy to assemble and will teach you a few stitches. […]

  12. Thank you, Manda. I love it. I am making a king-size for my fella. One question, though, what do you call a SC Shell? By the way, I used soft sage and it is gorgeous!!!!!

  13. A single crochet shell is exactly the same as the DC shell.. except you use Single crochets instead!

    Remind me to poke Jackie in a month or so for the photos!!!


  14. I admire your afghan everytime I visit your blog. It’s lovely. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  15. I love the design. Thanks for sharing.
    However, I want to make a larger sized afghan. I am using Caron Simply Soft Yarn in Autum Red because I want the softness. Should I double the amount of the chains to 2×119= 238 or do you suggest a different amount of chains?
    I am playing around with the pattern now. Using a J hook to start and doing the pattern rows with an H hook.
    Does this sound OK?

  16. oh i have the floor to brag about what a wonderful pattern manda has written out! and what a lovey pattern this is for a wedding gift – birthday gift! manda you did all the work i just copied ! i think i would like to make one in a chocolate brown – yummy!!

  17. I LOVE THIS! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  18. Darling! Gorgeous! Looks so fun… Gotta try it. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern. I also found your blog interesting. Work boots and crocheting. A proud symbol I think.

  19. Hi! Your patterns are going around the world. This afghan was made by me in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, using one of your patterns (see at I have already made maybe 6 of it as gifts for my friends. Now I am makinf the Avatar Afghan, in lilac. Thanks for sharing your marvelous patterns. I love it. Kisses from Rio.

  20. I would like to have a copy of this afghan please.

  21. How much yarn did you use?

  22. I plan on making this in lime green. It was the favorite color of a little girl at my church who just passed away from cancer. I am planning on giving it to her family. Looks like a great pattern. I will send pics when i am done.

  23. To whom it my concern: I just love the afghan. Is there any way you would email me the pattern? It is so beautiful.

  24. I was fortunate enough to stumble across your website. I love your afghans and your writing is very amusing. Thanks for sharing!

    metro Detroit, Michigan, USA

  25. I discovered your pattern a couple of years ago and have made several for wedding gifts. Now I get requests for it all the time! My recipients tend to catch their breath when they first see it – it always comes out gorgeous. I just want to say thank you – you are truly talented!

  26. Thank you, it is beautiful!

  27. I love the look of this and am saving this pattern to make for my grandchildren. I also make lots of items that are sold in a consignment store where a portion of every sale benefits the Salvation Army so everything I make (that is for sale) always benefits the Salv Army!! Thanks for sharing this pattern!

  28. Just found this site and your afghan pattern. I am very anxious to begin. Have to finish the one I am working on first but it won’t be long.
    All the pictres are great. I will do mine using Caron Simply Soft but I am not sure what color yet.
    I have been trying to use up my Red Heart. I am a yarn addict and have way too much. The Red Heart is so rough to use since I found Caron yarn.

  29. Just fund this site and think the afghan is beautiful. I am working right now on a snuggle pattern for my niece but am going to try my luck at making one of your afghans right after. Like someone else on this site wrote, I have tons of Red Heart but will use something else for this one Thanks so much for sharing with the world

  30. Hi, Manda! This afghan is GORGEOUS and I only hope I can do it justice — after I figure out how to do the BLFLBS !!! WOW.

    I’m not sure how wide 119 chains will make this afghan, but if I want it wider do I just add 5+1+3? Why wouldn’t that just be a multiple of 9???

    It’ll be a while before I actually get to starting this one, but if you would like to PM me, it’d probably have a better chance of getting to me rather than me getting back to this site — LOL…

    Thank you so much for sharing your talents.

  31. I think that the avatar blanket is nice but all I can do is the granny stich. do you have any more patterns that are as easy for me to read I have a hard time reading the stitch pattern yo,dch,ch,trpch. I can not do thoughs wish I could.

  32. I love your Avatar Afghan! I plan to make it up to give as a Christmas present this year. When I get it made, I’ll try to remember to send you a photo. I say try because I have been known to forget things quite a bit. However, I had to drop you a line letting you know how much I love your pattern and your generosity in sharing it.

    Cindy Jo

  33. I am making Afagans for my family for Christmas and would love to add this pattern to my patterns.

    Thank you

  34. Did the 119 chains and then followed up with the first row. Didn’t work out to what your pattern said. I had 18 shells and two chains leftover. So, I sat down with a piece of paper. Did 119 lines and followed the directions for the shells and DC and came out the same way. I finally did my own math, 117 chains and 19 shells. I’m on my fourth row and everything seems to be working out. I have some trepidations about the directions for the border, but I’ll face that when the time comes.

  35. Hi – can’t wait to start this afghan. One question, in the second row, after you chain the 4, do you chain another 2 for a total of six chains or am I missing something
    Chain Four, (yep, thats right – Four) and * chain 2, SC into the Ch 2 space of the shell. Ch 2, DC into the DC*, repeat from * to * until the end.

  36. i loved the pattern and would like you to send some more thanks.

  37. Hello,
    This look like a nice afghan for me to use for my chair in the livingroom. I don’t know anything about mifi’m’s & centi’m’s. Could you send me this pattern on Avatar Afghan with inches (in.)(“) & feet (ft)(‘), etc. Thanks…

  38. Hello,
    This look like a nice afghan for me to use for my chair in the livingroom. I don’t know anything about mifi’m’s & centi’m’s. Could you send me this pattern on Avatar Afghan with inches (in.) (“) & feet (ft) (‘). Thanks.

  39. So beautiful! Had to share on Twitter, hope that’s okay.

  40. Not sure why I’m getting all these “commens” about an avatar afghan, but now I really wanna see it . . . where can I go to view it? I’m at if you can send it to me. Thanks so much.

  41. Ohhh, duh, nevermind — I just scrolled “up” and I see it. LOVELY. Awesome. Kinda scared of the BLFLBSs and only briefly scanned the instructions but didn’t see the mifi’m’s & centi’m’s — LOL . . . I may try it anyway!!! Thanks.

  42. I made your Avatar afghan last Spring. I love it so much, I cannot part with it (I gift away most of my work). I enjoyed making this afghan more than most anything I have crocheted over 35 years. It is so unusual and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pattern.



  44. Hello! I am totally charmed by your blog and your Afghans. Thinking of giving this one a try in ivory and ecru if I can ever find some yarn over here!

    • Hi, Just saw your comment on the afghan and need for yarn. Did you ever get any? I’d be happy to send you some if you give me an idea of color and type. Please respond to my email address

      My ex-son in law was supposed to go to Kuwait as a contractor, but his position was overfilled so he had a choice — come back home or Afghanistan — he went to Afghanistan. Jobs are just so hard to get here and I guess he was gonna make more there. He and my daughter have a daughter together and he had to figure out child support somehow !!! It took him approximately two weeks to get to his final destination and I think he’s working on Blackhawk helos — I think that’s what he calls them.

      Would love to hear from you. Let me know what you do and if you still want that yarn.

      and thanks for your service.

  45. I have a question for Melissa. Your afghan looks so much more “fluffy” than the other photo’s. What yarn did you use?

  46. […] The Avatar Afghan « Safety Boots and CrochetOct 25, 2007 … A number of people asked about the Afghan in my avatar. …. I posted the Avatar Afghan Pattern and in one night, over 800 people came to visit. […]

  47. Love this pattern! I use Bernard baby coordinates yarn and do a ruffle border in white & it makes the blanket delicate & dainty! Perfect for my baby girl. We get compliments on it all the time! Thanks!

  48. I have started a small hoard of baby alpaca/silk blend to make this in – can’t wait to have enough to get started! Thank you for sharing such a lovely pattern.

  49. Love the pattern – Made it in 2 days… and my Bestie will love it.

  50. Thanks for sharing your pattern. I’m making it for my newest grandchild, due in May. When I got to the border, I realized that a smaller hook was needed than what I used for the body, to keep it from looking puckery.

  51. Have you done anything in the last 1 1/2 years since you posted last (from what I can figure out. I really like your patterns and your humouras style of writing. I would really enjoy seeing more recent projects. And especially the pattern for the Un Deux Trois Shawl. Have you written it out yet!
    Cynthia from San Diego, CA USA

  52. I just bought some Bernat value ( softer than Red Heart but stiffer than Simply Soft) in ocean blue I will try this. Thank you for the pattern. I love your humor– and instructions. I like to knit/crochet under the magic of MERLOT. Makes everything….o.k. 🙂

  53. How can we print this off? If I copy and print it uses up a lot of ink with the all the black background.

  54. Hi there. Just found your avatar pattern and can’t wait to decide on what yarn and colour I’m going to try. It looks gorgeous and nice and light to use. Hopefully mine will look as gorgeous as yours. Thanks for now. I have you bookmarked so hopefully I can brag real soon. Lol. Take care.

  55. What a pretty afghan. Thank you very much! 🙂
    Lee Ann

    Crochet…Gotta Love It! Blog

  56. This is a pretty stitch but I’m confused as to what you used. 8-ply? Is that 2 strands together. I think reg. yarn is only 4 ply isn’t it?

  57. This may sound like a really dumb question, but what is 8 ply yarn? Am I missing something really obvious? Thanks!

  58. […] The Avatar Afghan from Safety Boots and Crochet […]

  59. What a beautiful afghan! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  60. U love your avatsr afghan. Will you please send the instructions?

  61. I may have missed this info, but how wide is your afghan, I want to make a king size for my daughter. Can you tell me how long a chain I will need?

  62. I’ve been thinking of trying your Avatar Afghan for so long. I’m amazed! It seems so simple until you get to that gorgeous border! I am totally wowed by the border. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern.

  63. I am always looking for a new pattern that is challenging and I think I have found It.. I some Chenille that has been dying to be used. I do believe I have found the project to put it to Thank You for this wonderfull pattern

  64. Why are you calling it Avatar other than to get people to look at a plain afghan pattern.

  65. just found your pattern and think its beautiful.Have a friend in British Columbia Canada ( I live in Ontario Canada) this will make a beautiful blanket for her baby in June- cheers from cold Canada

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