Un Deux Trois Shawl

The Un Deux Trois Shawl pattern

At this point I am still working on a second shawl – pattern will be provided shortly.The shawl is named the Un Deux Trois as it’s made in three stages and because I adore the cakes with the three tiers in different colours and slants.

Un  is the alternating shells, Deux is the FPDCs andTrois is the Half crescent border. 

This shawl is designed for a Fingering weight yarn – I have used 12 balls of Yarntreehouse’s Melody which is the same yarn as Jojolands’ Melody. Any fingering weight yarn could be used, and I used 2440 metres. 

There is no guage requirement and I used a 3.5 ( E) hook.   This pattern is in US terminology – yes I know I’m Australian but the US terminology makes more sense.


This is a yarn eater because of the the Deux stage – the alternating Half Double crochet / Front Post Double Crochets- takes a lot of yarn.This gives the shawl a lovely weight and drape around you.This pattern is copyright to myself – you may not sell it or reproduce it by any means (paper or ecopy) without my express permission. You make this shawl for yourself but not in commercial quantities.  This pattern is in draft – will be posted in .PDF shortly – please subscribe to my blog to be notified when the pattern is complete!

Un – this section is the triangular body of the shawl.  The repeats are worked over nine stitches, with an extra 6 for the points (will become clear shortly) and a turning chain of 3.  You want an odd number of repeats to ensure an equilateral Triangle.Using a 3.5mm hook and fingering weight yarn, Chain 360.  In the sixth chain from the hook, make one single crochet, chain 3, *skip next 3 stitches of the base chain, sc in next chain, chain 3, skip next 2 chains of base, sc in next chain of the base, chain 3* repeat until the end. Turn.Chain 1, sc in the first Chain 3 loop,

Deux – 9 Rows to GoTrois – this is the Crescent border. Only 5 rows to go!


20 Responses to “Un Deux Trois Shawl”

  1. Just love your Un Deux Trois Shawl

  2. Looking forward to making myself your Un Deux Trois shawl! Please let me know when the pattern is off the drawing board. It looks beautiful and soft. Regards, Regina

  3. I was admiring this shawl at the Canberra Show and googled you after to see if you had a pattern. Very glad I checked back on your site! Please let me know when the pattern is final. Thanks, Vicky.

  4. Hi,
    What a lovely shawl. I would love to try it when you make the pattern available. Please let me know when you do.
    Regards, Marina.

  5. Beautiful shawl

  6. Beautiful design, looking forward to the pattern.

  7. Thank you for sharing this beautiful design. It is perfect for a friend who lives in a very cold house. I am going to try it based on your blog. Love reading your blogs. Please let me know when the pattern is available and thanks for sharing.

  8. Would love the pattern for this shawl to make me one!

  9. I love your Un Deux Trois Shawl and would love to be notified whenever you get the pattern posted. The Shawl is simply BEAUTIFUL !!! Thank you so much.

    Linda Weaver

  10. This is the most beautiful shawl, the Un Deux Trois. i cannot wait to have the pattern. Thank you so much for showing it! I am learning from your site how truly beautiful crochet can be. You are helping me vision my work growing by leaps and bounds. Thank you for the inspiration.

  11. Love this shawl! Please put me on the list to be notified when the pattern is available!
    Thanks, Kay

  12. Please put me on your list for this pattern. I really love this pattern.

  13. Your crochet is absolutely wonderful and your animals are the same…wonderful.
    Give yourself a pat on the back and a how do you do for all the great things you have accomplished.

  14. I love your Un Deux Trois Shawl and would love to be notified whenever you get the pattern posted.

  15. Please add me to the list for the pattern when it’s available!
    Beautiful shawl.

  16. Your shawl is magnificent!! I would like to subscribe to your blog so I can bird dog your site for that pattern!. Thanks for sharing!

  17. me too, me too, i would like the pattern please!!!

  18. Is the pattern for the Un Deux Trois Shawl posted somewhere?

  19. So very pretty. I’d love to know when you get this pattern also. Wonderful work. Thank you

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