You wouldn’t believe me if I told you….

Seriously – I’m not sure how Mother Figure and Arcadia do it – they get the day by day, blow by blow description of how far from sane my life is.


First of all – Today is my father’s 60th.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We celebrated last weekend by going out to dinner.

In three weeks since i was last able to blog.. a whole lot has happened.

Firstly – my beloved Treo – the phone i fought so hard to get from Telstra… was eaten.


Yes .. by three marauding dogs.

The interesting thing is … who owned one of the dogs.

I’ll give you a hint : Webbed feet.   

I’m not sure if you could call it progress but … on the sliding scale, he is moving away from “Amphibian”.

Secondly, the illness that slowed me down so much that I didn’t feel up to entering crochet for Queanbeyan Show grew worse and …. until i finally had to take sick leave. I am better, but tired, now.

Thirdly… I sent two mares down to Victoria to be bred. One has turned out to have an ovarian tumour and requires surgery, the other – my beloved  Isobel – well.. comedy of errors doesn’t even begin to describe it. Almost impossible to get a place for her at the stable that would do the Artificial Insemination. Then.. couldn’t get the Seminsicles I wanted delivered in time to match up with ovulation. So went for another stallion… and then.. she ovulated earlier than expected and.. then there’s fluid.

At this rate, I’m ready to believe that the only one likely to get pregnant is Jazzy, in the paddock with Aston, so I will have NOTHING to ride next year.

And Plan Woolly Version 2 is coming to an end…. The house I have been staying in has sold so moving on in January…

I am back crocheting – working on my things for Canberra Royal – and trying to decide which pictures to enter….

Any thoughts???


hugs to you all


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