Alyssa’s Shawl



A free shawl pattern by SB&C

I’ve had a number of requests for the pattern I drew up to make Alyssa’s Shawl, so I thought I would put together my notes and pass on the pattern.

This is Alyssa’s original shawl bought to wear at her wedding.

The shawl was replicated for Alyssa’s daughter with just a few alterations, so I cannot claim to hold the copyright, however I would suggest that it would still be a breach to publish this pattern without contacting me first and it’s definitely NOT OK to sell copies of it. I like being able to give free patterns

Also – if you make a link to it – please let me know, and if you have ANY questions, please sing out.

But equally DEFINTELY, Send me a picture of your finished Article!


This Shawl is very simple, is a good introduction to Filet Crochet concepts and makes up relatively quickly.

If you are looking for a very simple but pretty shawl, this is IT.

Materials Required:

#8 Cotton 800m I used DMC’s Petra in an Ivory shade. Any yarn or thread could be substituted and you can adjust the size by using fewer repeats or more as required. 1.75mm Hook Or as required depending on your

yarn choice and personal gauge issues. And I always advocate using a size larger hook to do your foundation chain as it makes life easier on everyone.

If you use #5 cotton, you will need 640metres

8mm Seed Beads 20gms The beads are used in the fringing and so you will thread them on later. You need 15 beads per picot group.

Confectionary and/or Alcohol to taste.


Even though I am Australian, and thus supposedly use British Terminology, I find the US terminology makes more sense. So I use single, double, half-doubles and then trebles.

The stitches you will use are:

SL – Slip Stitch

CH – Chain

SC – Single Crochet

DC – Double Crochet

DTR – Double Treble Crochet – yarn over 3 times, insert hook in stitch, pull through, yarn over and work off loops on the hook in lots of 2.

Beaded Ch – from your prethreaded beads, slide one down to the working part of your yarn just above the previous chain, hook over the yarn above the bead and pull through as per a normal chain. The bead is “captured” in the chain.

Starting Off.

I was asked to make a shawl for a Little Girl who had a 31inch arm span.

This shawl is worked in repeats of 11 squares, in a four DC mesh.

That looks like this:

Each repeat is therefore 33 chains + 1.

So I made a chain of 31inches, then counted up in groups and rounded up to a multiple of 33.

For the Child size, I had 8 repeats

For an Adult, I would recommend 12.


So for an Adult sized shawl, you need a chain of 436 plus 10 (for the points on either side and a turning chain).

In the 9th chain from the hook, dc, and then DC in each the next three stitches. Chain 2, Skip next two chains, Dc in next stitch. Repeat (Chain 2, skip next 2, DC in next stitch) 9 times, then DC in Next 3 stitches.

Continue with: (10 repeats of *chain 2, skip next 2, DC in next*) and then DC in the next three stitches until the end of the row, so your initial rows look like this:

You should have 3 chains left over, and you place a DTR in the last chain, to give a nice “point” to your shawl.

Chain four, TURN

Skip first three DCs, DC in last DC, 2 DCs in chain 2 space, DC in DC, repeat * to * 9 times,

Then. 2 DCs in 2ch sp, Dc in next Dc

Follow this Filet Chart until you reach the point.

When you reach the point, it’s a chain 4, then DTR in the first DC of the last row.

That’s the Body of the Shawl done.

Now to make the edging.

First of all – take up a strand of thread (same colour/weight as you are using) that is the same length as the perimeter of the shawl. Lay this along the edge of your work and single crochet evenly over both layers all the way around.

This gives you a much more even tension on the edge and stops “frilling”.

Once you have finished the round, finish off.


In top left corner, attach thread with a slip stitch and chain ten, skip two rows, single crochet into the edge, repeat all the way to the other side (i.e down to the point and back up).

Turn, chain 10, sc into the centre ch of each chain 10 loop around.

Turn, Repeat until mesh fringe is as wide as desired.

Finish off.

This is where you need the beads and a calculator.

Count up the number of chain loops you have.

Add 2 so you have nice corners at the shoulders.

This is the number of picot clusters you will be making.

Multipy by 15.

This is the number of beads you need.

When threading beads, if you don’t have a bead needle, then I heartily recommend nailpolish.

A couple of dabs on the end of the thread, allowed to dry, makes the thread SO much easier to slide the beads over.

Warning : Threading beads is a FRUSTRATING chore.

I also add a couple of extra beads as seed beads have been known to crack and break off when being crocheted with.

Armed with your bead snake, attached in the top Left corner, chain five, then into each next stitch for a chain of five, capture one bead,slip stitch into the fifth “plain” chain (i.e. the one before the first bead), *chain five beaded stitches, slip stitch back into previous stitch again*.

Repeat * to * once more to have three “petals” then chain five and single crochet in centre chain of previous chain 10 loop. Continue with chain 5, 3 beaded picots, chain 5 around to the other side.

Fringe finished!

Weave in all ends, block shawl by pinning it out so the DCs are “squared” and the picots are lightly stretched. I prefer a very hot spray bottle with a little lavender oil rather than a full immersion block.

Once dry, un-pin, throw it round your shoulders to admire how gorgeous you are!

(also: take photo, email to me!)

55 Responses to “Alyssa’s Shawl”

  1. This is sooo gorgeous~*THANK YOU!* sooo very much for sharing the pattern! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. Gorgeous shawl!Thanks!!

  3. Hi everyone – glad so many have stopped by already to have a look and I can see that abbout 50 people so far have downloaded the chart.
    Many thanks for taking the time to stop by!!

    Please say hi!

  4. thanks a lot ! it is gorgeous

  5. I have just written this poem on my space and also a piece of music. I found you because I was looking for a pattern for crochet boots!

    Here’s the poem anywyay!

    The dreamer
    The dreamer dreams
    She hears the call
    And wonders when
    She’ll see the shawl.

    The shawl of old
    The shawl of new
    The shawl she’ll know
    Then what to do.

    A poem set
    A poem went
    This way, that way
    Time being spent.

    A gift!

    🙂 Thank you.

  6. Just what I was looking for for my daughters wedding…Thank you Thank you Thank you

  7. Although you say you will not print the pattern without permission, I see the pattern…so I am asking for permission anyway. It is EXACTLY what I am looking for for my daughter’s wedding, so I will go but the materials hopint this is ok. I will definately send a photo of the finisher product with mny thanks. It is hard to find any pattern for a triangular shawl ( I am French and that is what a shawl for me)…so thank you in advance, let me know if I have crosed any lines and I am looking forward to my passion.

  8. please may I have a copy of the pattern I will NOT REPLICTE TO ANYONE.

  9. May I request the instructions for this shawl I think it is absolutely beautiful

  10. Yes, I agree with everyone, this is a beautiful shawl and I also have been looking for a one-of-a-kind shawl to crochet. I think that it is wonderful of you to share this pattern with the public. I would be most grateful if you would please give me a copy of the pattern and I will definitely NOT replicate it. Thanks so MUCH for such a treasure!!!!

  11. What a beautiful shawl. Please send me the pattern! I will make this just for me; I have a 2mm hook that is needing a workout, and very nice cotton/linen yarn that will be perfect for a summer shawl. Or winter. Spring. Or fall.. Thank you.

  12. I’m looking into making a shawl for my son’s wedding in May of 2009. I figure if I start now, I may have it done by then! May I please use your pattern? Thanks for sharing!

  13. You may of course use the pattern – please feel free to print off the chart, all I ask is that you don’t actually reprint it anywhere (i.e. magazines etc)

  14. hi, this is lovely, just what i’ve been looking for. i have linked it from my blog, hope thats ok. thanks!

  15. I have tried to get this dmc Petra in the US and I haven’t been able to get it. Can you tell me where I could order it?

    Thank you,


  16. What A gorgeous shawl. I have never tried this type of crochet before,But am thinking of giving this one a go, i am looking for soemthing for myself for summer evenings etc.

  17. Beautiful! Very nice and classic. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Thank you for sharing it. I like to make shawls for the little old ladies at my church and I know the perfect lady for this shaw. I think the lady that plays our piano would be perfect for this one.

  19. Thank you for sharing, I have 9 months until the wedding! When you say don’t duplicate the pattern, does that mean I couldn’t make one to sell at Etsy? Awaiting your reply. Again, thanks for adding to the crochet community.

  20. This is such a gorgeous shawl! I can see how something so simple and elegant would be perfect for a wedding. I would love to wear something like that as a bride. I have seen some similar on I doubt they are selling copies of your pattern, but they are similar.

  21. Love this! Not a seasoned crocheter. Started this with the adult version. Ran into trouble as I finished the second row. How do I finish the second row? With 4 chains and turn? How do I start the 3rd? Will I be stopping short a little square each row? Thanks so much for any help you can give me at my pathetic attempt at your masterpiece :o) Would love to wow my mom for Christmas! Making it in worsted gray yarn with a size 4.0 hook.

  22. Figured it out! Thanks anyway, proves you should not tackle something new when you are tired! Will try to post picture when finished. I was mistaking the beginning loop for finished edge. I hope the edging will not be difficult. Love the look of the charcoal gray for winter. Thanks again!

  23. I have spent so much time at stores trying to find a beautiful shawl, but none can top this pattern! Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous masterpiece 😀 I’m excited to try out the pattern and give them as presents for the wonderful ladies in my life ❤

  24. This is so beautiful I went out and purchased the thread today! Look forward to spending many contented hours on this project. It is indeed lovely. Thank you.

  25. This looks great! But where do I find #8 cotton? I can find #3 and #10

  26. Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous pattern I am actually planning on major modifications for a antique cradle and this is just the style I was looking for.

  27. I have chosen your pattern for my next prayer shawl with my personal addition. I am going to include petite roses with leaves to the shawl. Your creation will make those who wear it feel warmer and happier. Thank you for the inspiration.

  28. could you send me the child’s pattern for Alyssa’s Shawl.

    thank you

  29. Olá!
    Peça simples e Bonita!

  30. The shawl is beautiful. I definitely would love to make one for a very dear friend mine. Please do not worry I would never sell the pattern to anyone. Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration. Patricia

  31. Cannot read print on black ground. Pls e-mail pattern to address above. Thank you

  32. Could you share the instructions for this shawl with me…Thanks

  33. This is a lovely pattern. Thanks so much, but I need some help. How do I finish the second row? The loop with the initial 9 chains confused me. How do I start the 3rd? Thank you for your help.

  34. Your shawl is absolutely beautiful and just is what I am looking for for my niece’s wedding in September !! Would you please send the pattern to me ASAP !! You can email the pattern to my email address. I would appreciate it so much ! I am disabled, so I need to start on it soon !
    Yes! I will send a picture when done !
    Thank you !

  35. Aylssas Shawl is beautiful. Can you share the pattern? I am going to follow your blog….it is great. Thank you and continue to do good work.

  36. Hi! Love this pattern–have been looking for a lace pattern I can use with Vanna White’s black gold sparkle yarn, which I believe is a Sport weight. Please send me the pattern. I want to make it for my daughter for Christmas to go with her black Christmas dress.

  37. Beautiful Work. I just finished making beaded bracelets for my daughters Brides maids. I used a beading needle that is called an Easy Eye (made by Darice ( and the bead sizes was an 8. Of course it just depends on the thread size for the seed beads, but the Needle works for all threads and yarn sizes.
    Thanks again for sharing.

  38. This is so beautiful and just what I was looking to make for my Goddaughter’s wedding. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  39. Thank you for taking the time and energy to design Alyssa’s Shawl! It is the most beautiful filet shawl I have ever done. I did it in size 10 ecru thread and used amber beads and added beads across the top. It is fantastic. My granddaughter had to wear it to church last Sunday. Needless to say I have gotten many compliments on it. It is easier than the prayer shawls I make. I am doing a white one with clear beads now, but I added beads to the center space of each block. I think it is going to be just dazzling! Thanks again for your time and effort

  40. Gorgeous! I don’t think i’m quite ready or good enough to tackle this, but i’m going to keep it for the day I am. 🙂 Thank you so much for your beautiful patterns. I love your blog and your writing style, i’ll be coming back often.

  41. please send this gorgeous pattern to my email address thanks in advance God bless have a wonderful day

  42. I would like permission to use your instructions for this shawl. It will be perfect for my daughters’ wedding in October. It is so beautiful; thank you for sharing.

  43. thank, a lot my friend.. I’ll try this pattern and send you a pic if I can finish it 🙂

  44. It is very beautiful! my daughter loves shawls, she’s 13. Is there a printable copy of the pattern. I can’t see one on this site. She would love to try making this one.

  45. Did you crochet this starting with the longest side of the shawl (the hypotenuse of the triangle C) or the short left side (A) or right short side (B)? I’m not sure if you worked on the diagonal all the way. I am moderately experienced, and want to do this in a medium weight black acrylic yarn for fall/winter. Thanks. I looked at many patterns before finding this and admire your artistry and willingness to help the rest of us!

  46. This looks good to me and I would like to make it. Could I get a printable copy, please?
    Thank you.

  47. Since one of my granddaughters is named Alyssa, guess what? Yup, added this exquisite shawl to my (growing) to do list! Thanks so much for sharing the directions. It may take a while to get to it but I’ll def send you a photo when it’s done.
    –Mary aka Yaya

  48. Could you share this pattern with me. My daughter is getting married next year and I would like to give her something special.

  49. Hi, This is very beautiful pattern. could you please send me this pattern ASAP? i want to make this shawl for my deity. Please let me know what size hook i should use for wool yarn.
    thanks & regards

  50. I love this! Please send me the pattern.

  51. Would love the pattern to make for granddaughter thank you

  52. This is very pretty. Not sure I can do it but I would be willing to pay you to make one for my own Allysa (yes, the spelling is different). She would love it. I know shipping would be outrageous as I live in the USA but she would so love this. Please let me know what this might cost.

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